Do I qualify for medical cannibis/marijuana?

If you have a severe medical condition that has failed traditional treatments you may be eligible for medical marijuana. Click here to see Common Conditions that are treated with medical marijuana.

If you do qualify, then you will be registered with the MMCC allowing you to purchase medical marijuana at a Maryland-licensed dispensary.

How much does it cost to be certified ?

We accept cash only. No personal checks please.

Does my insurance cover my appointment and evaluation

We do not accept insurance for our services

What happens at the office visit?

You will meet with one of our certifying physicians who will review your medical records and perform an assessment of your medical history and medical condition. A written certification for the medical use of medical marijuana will be issued should both the certifying physician and patient agree that the use of medical marijuana is likely to improve the symptoms of the patient's medical condition. Visits are typically 30 minutes in duration.

How often do I need to see the certifying physician?

The physician must perform an in-person, evaluation once every 365 days

What do I need to bring to my office Visit?

A valid Photo ID-Drives License, Passport, State ID

Why do I need to register with the MMCC before my visit?

The MMCC guidelines state that prior to visiting a certifying physician you must register with the MMCC and receive a 25 digit ID registration number.

Do I need to send my records before my visit or can I just bring them with me on the day of my appointment?

You must have your medical records mailed, faxed, or delivered to our office 72 hours prior to your visit.

Where do I get the medical marijuana after I receive my written certification from a certifying physician?

A Maryland patient can only obtain legal medical cannabis/marijuna from Maryland-licensed dispensaries.

How much medical cannabis can I obtain?

120 grams or approximately four ounces

I dont live in Maryland, can I receive medical marijuana?

A person from out-of-state who is in the state for the purpose of receiving medical care can be issued a written certification and obtain medical cannabis

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